Stripper Construction

Commercially available devices for creating stripper decks tend to be very expensive. Here I have detailed two cheaper methods for the construction of simple cuts.


Stripper Jig
The first method uses two Airwaves AEM025 Radius Scribing Templates, supplied by Hannants. Various sizes are supplied, with the largest inside radius being 345mm. Two of these can be held together with bolts through the penultimate holes in the templates. This gives the perfect length for a poker sized playing card.

The video below demonstrates the cutting of both convex and concave cards.

For both, the card is inserted into the jig and then adjusted to give a consistent cut, before an emery board is used to sand off the protruding amount.


Simple Stripper Construction
This method only uses only a basic card trimmer. Essentially, a cardboard template is first constructed based on the desired angle and depth of the cut. This is then used to align the playing card against the blade, such that a consistent cut can be achieved.

The video demonstrates how one-way, N and P strippers can be constructed using this method.




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